Welcome to our new blog hosted by USA Software. Here we will discuss the latest news, research and opinions around behavioral threat assessments.  

We have been in the policing software business for 30+ years, but in addition to that, we have created something new and we’re proud of it! 

Introducing our Behavioral Threat Assessment Software (BTAFile IMS). Read some of the highlights about our software.


It was a long road getting here. After the Virginia Tech school shootings,  we were contacted by one of our university campus police departments and asked to develop a threat assessment software solution for them. They said to us, ” We need to do something so this doesn’t happen here!”  That was 10 years ago. While the software product was good back then, legislation had not been passed making BTA what it is today… so it sat. 


Then, Parkland changed everything.  Armed with timing and a passion to be part of the solution, the USA Behavioral Threat Assessment (BTA) software has been dusted off and once again brought to the market. It has been updated to the 9’s and kissed by all the experts to be what it is today.


We welcome your feedback on our product as well as our blog. We consider ourselves part of every BTA team and will continue to do our part to stop the killing of our beautiful, innocent children.