Easy to Use Yet Powerful

At-A-Glance Tracking  • Track Any Persons of Interest  • Post and Monitor Interventions  • Quick Updates  • Case Prioritization

dashboard view - threat assessment tracking by USA Software

Case Management

  • Track Assessments
  • Track Persons of Interest
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Email Alerting
  • Intervention Management
Report - Interventions by Due Date

Data Sharing Across Multiple Disciplines

Improve communication – gain more insight.

Accessible Anywhere

Behavioral Threat Assessment application accessible from multiple device types

Browser-based Application

Hosted on your secure server/intranet/VPN


Access the application from the desktop in your office

Mobile Phones

Mobile-friendly means BTA information at your fingertips


Touch screen device ready – iPads, Microsoft Surface, etc.

Data-driven Analytics

  • Early Warnings By Threshold
  • By Threat Type
  • By Threat Level
  • By Person Name
  • By Week
  • Interventions by Date
  • Interventions Past Due

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