Were you the one picked to get the 411 on available BTA software to bring back to your team? If you were, here are 7 highlights behavioral threat assessment software your team may want to know about:

  1. Keeping this kind of information by hand, on paper, is so 1985 and dangerous!! Risk cannot be kept in a desk drawer…
  1. You’re on the behavioral threat assessment team and a teacher. How are you supposed to know what the SRO (police) is doing?  This is the way to communicate effectively. 
  1. This is a browser-based utility, so your team can access all information, any time day or night… from your phone, your laptop, whatever you got, cuz nothin’ ever happens at a convenient time.  You’ll be in the loop, no matter what.
  1. We got Analytics! Like when the Superintendent calls and says, “BTW, I’m on my way to a board meeting, how many behavioral threat assessments have we done to date?” Yikes, but wait… you have the answer, pronto! With charts and graphs! 
  1. Early Warnings: How about getting an email every Monday morning listing who has had 4 or more assessments over the past 180 days? Or which schools in your District have had 10 or more assessments in the last week?
  1. Accountability: We track the team assignments. Who was supposed to call to make sure a student went to anger-management classes? Did they do it?  Was someone on vacation? Who will take the responsibility to follow up?
  1. Complete Case Management: Dates, times, tasks, interventions, outcomes, pix, pdf docs…the whole thing. Right there at your fingertips.

There it is, just hit copy and print. Now, get to your meeting. lol